A biography of ludwig van beethoven and his classic music legendary

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Ludwig van Beethoven

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A Chronological Listing

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Ludwig van Beethoven Biography

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Beethoven was the grandson of a musician of Flemish origin named Lodewijk van Beethoven (–). [2] Beethoven was named after his grandfather, as Lodewijk is the Dutch cognate of phisigmasigmafiu.comven's grandfather was employed as a bass singer at the court of the Elector of Cologne, rising to become Kapellmeister (music director).

He had one son, Johann van Beethoven. Ludwig van Beethoven (December 16, to March 26, ) was a German pianist and composer widely considered the greatest of all time, whose innovative compositions combined vocals and instruments, widening the scope of.

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Ludwig van Beethoven: biography and facts

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A biography of ludwig van beethoven and his classic music legendary
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Ludwig van Beethoven biography and music | Artscolumbia