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Why the U.S.-China ‘Trade War’ Is Really About the Future of Innovation

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As China continues its economic and military ascendance, asserting power through an all-of-nation long-term strategy, it will continue to pursue a military modernization program that seeks Indo-Pacific regional hegemony in the near-term and displacement of the United States to achieve global preeminence in the future.

China was unaware that an economic, technological and cultural revolution was taking place in Europe and being felt throughout the rest of the world. Mar 26,  · Financial Times columnist Gideon Rachman returns to his old stomping ground, laying out the future of the post-Western world in his new book "Easternization".

China immediately retaliated with a percent tariff on imports of soy beans, other agricultural products and automobiles. These moves come on top of tariffs already imposed on steel, aluminum.

A Community Exploring the future of China and the World.

But as China’s then foreign minister, Yang Jiechi, vocally pointed out at a meeting of regional powers in Hanoi in“China is a big country and other countries are small countries and. Jul 10,  · German automakers know the future of their industry is electric, autonomous and in China.

Top German carmakers including BMW (BMWYY) and Volkswagen (VLKAY) have inked a series of deals this week.

Future of china
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