Music in scorsese films

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How Martin Scorsese Perfected the Movie Soundtrack

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Martin Scorsese

Warner Bros.' GoodFellas () is director Martin Scorsese's stylistic masterpiece - a follow-up film to his own Mean Streets (), released in the year of Francis Ford Coppola's third installment of his gangster epic - The Godfather, Part III (). It is a nitty-gritty, unflinching treatment.

A Whiter Shade of Pale.

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As the World Turns On Wednesday, 15 MayAWSoP was prominently featured as background music on this popular American soap "Mollie" drops a quarter into the juke box and pines over the recently-departed "Jake," on comes the tune of tunes.

Between Martin Scorsese’s sexy crime dramas and Wes Anderson’s delicate indie portraits, Mick Jagger’s band of jangly misfits have shimmied their way through a number of films and genres.

Scorsese own rule about only using music that would have been available during the film’s period is the reason he couldn’t go with his reported first choice for the climax to the iconic. Michael Mann is responsible for some of the best crime films ever made, from “Heat” to “Collateral,” but it turns out the crime genre is nowhere to be found on his list of favorite movies.

Music in scorsese films
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