Sociology concussions in sports

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20 Remarkable Concussions in High School Sports Statistics

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The Sociology of Sports

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The sports media has a fascination with concussions. Not only is there a huge volume of stories about the issue, but there’s also an urgency to the tone of the reporting.

sports (Valovich, Schwartz, Bay, ; Field, Collins, Lovell, & Maroon, ). The culture of football is especially interesting in the context of concussions, as noted in a research article in The Sport Psychologist, “The sport of American football is believed to perpetuate ideologies of masculine.

And, sure, the sports that are under attack (football and boxing) are sports filled with working class and poor, but these are also the sports where concussions happen.

Basketball is just as much a working class sport and no one is predicting its end. Tim Delaney is a professor and department chair of sociology at the State University of New York at Oswego. He sponsors an annual sportsmanship day symposium and recently co-created a sports studies program.

He lives in Auburn, New York. Tim Madigan is a professor and department chair of philosophy at St. John Fisher College. The former editorial director of the University of Rochester Press.

Introduction to Sociology/Sociology of Sports

Concussions In Sports Concussions are very serious injuries in sports now a day. They seem to be occurring more and more as players start trying to become faster and stronger. did an article in that showed in the season that the concussion rate had gone up 21% from (Press). A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that is caused by a blow to head or body, a fall, or.

The Epidemiology of Sport-Related Concussion Sociology concussions in sports
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